The Cosmic Dancer
Oil on Canvas
48 X 48 inches

I went looking for Shiva and he was no where to be seen
Then I saw him cross legged in darkness in a meditative trance.
I shouted out to him, “Look what’s happening to your creation”,
Millions of us are dying. You need to help us right now.
He did not hear me, nor did he feel my presence,
His eyes were closed, a leopard skin at his waist,
He had a cobra round his neck, and a bright,
shining Crescent moon gleaming on his head.

Then I danced and danced with my feet beating on the floor
This was his Thandavam, dance of creation and destruction.
I whirled and twirled, my hand flew out, legs jumped up and came down,
I swirled and rotated and jumped up high and came down to my knees,
He opened his eyes, stood up, and the cobra slid off,
his dread locks flying out, as his head rotated and held my gaze,
He held his trident in his hand, looking quizzically at me,
then he lifted his right leg and started his Cosmic dance.

He seemed angry, as his dance was ferocious, the clouds opened up.
I was in Awe, as I saw the cosmos, in beautiful order and then as he moved
I saw the galaxies, planets, stars and meteors moving at high speed .
I saw the black hole and an entire planetary system vanishing into it.
The colors, the movement and the beauty of it all just took my breadth away
Oh my God, am I seeing the creation and destruction of the universe.
All this in a blink of an eye. i woke up suddenly, I had my answer.

His creation was perfect. But what did we do with this speck, our earth.
We took a beautiful creation and ruined every thing that was balanced.
Pulled out millions of years old ancient, anaerobic decompositions.
Burnt this fuel oil and filled the atmosphere with carbon emissions.
Plants used our carbon emissions from our breath and returned it back
even better.with life giving oxygen not just for us but for all living beings.
We killed the animals, cut our trees, polluted the air and water.
We fought wars, and killed humans and humanity with our creations.
The knowledge and science was used for destruction of our world.
For what? For greed, for power, and to multiply our human race.

So is it a surprise that death and destruction occurs.
The earth will always be there and will always balance itself.
As our actions kill other beings, and ruin this earth, it will adjust.
The guns, bombs, and the nukes, and all of our mighty power
cannot come close to the power of a simple RNA creation.
Today it is a Corona virus, tomorrow what will it be?
No God can save us, as our actions are destroying us.
We have the heaven here, we are part and parcel of this universe,

Save this earth, for all of its living beings. Protect its land, water and trees.
Doing so we will protect this earth for our future generations.

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